Wednesday, February 15, 2006


What is fs_kit?

fs_kit is a program that helps you automate tasks in the analysis of force spectra. It can find peaks, align spectra and classify peaks based on the alignment. An article about fs_kit has been published in the Journal of Microscopy.

fs_kit is released under the GNU General Public License. This means that you are free to make it better and contribute.

Binaries are available in the form of a GUI version and a command line version. The GUI version makes your life easier for simple tasks. However, to access the full functionality you will need to edit the settings file with an editor. The command line version has the big advantage that you see the output of the program even when it crashes. Yes, crashes are possible, because spectra can do all kinds of things that the program may not be prepared for. Hopefully, it will run fine in most cases.

A tutorial is available.

Installation on Mac OS X
  1. Download and install Fink. You need administrator access to do so. (You also may need to install XCode.)
  2. Use Fink to install the packages gsl and wxmac. (wxmac is not required for the command line version of fs_kit. wxMac 2.5 is currently classified as unstable, as it is still under development. However, use of version 2.5 is recommended. You might need to follow these instructions to enable unstable packages.)
  3. Download fs_kit for Mac OS X (under File Releases).
  4. Follow the tutorial to get acquainted with fs_kit.
Installation on Windows

A compiled version for Windows is currently not available. More info here. You can, however, check out the source from CVS and compile it, for example under Cygwin.

Who's to blame for all this?

fs_kit has been mainly developed by Michael Kuhn, with contributions by Maurice Hubain. Michael will start his PhD work at the EMBL in Heidelberg (on a totally different topic than force spectra!) Thus, we are always open for new developers to work on this!

Contact info: (Remove the writing utensil and one of the dots.)

This post is from the future so that it stays on top of the list. :-)

Thursday, February 17, 2005


Why is there no Windows binary?

I have tried to compile fs_kit with Dev-C++, but it won't work. wxWidgets is available as package for it, so that should be not the problem. It is more of a problem that the GSL isn't available anymore as a package specifically for MinGW, the compiler in Dev-C++. I compiled the GSL with a separate installation of MinGW, and I'm getting some errors. I don't have the time to fix them now, but I hope it can be done eventually. If someone could try it, that would be great.